Phi Software Inc

Phi Software Inc is committed to the development of products which extend and enhance Hawk’s
capabilities and provide our customers with the additional tools they need to address their business
critical monitoring requirements.

Our growing product line currently includes:


Captures and records agent events at the agent level. It maintains a configurable number of days’ worth of alerts in local
storage. Allows you to query and view the historical events using the standard Hawk display eliminating the need to login
to other systems or launch other applications to view alert history.

Maintenance Mode Microagent

Allows you to place an agent into a maintenance mode (aka blackout periods) during which monitoring activity is
suppressed. It supports fully configurable maintenance mode policies and all maintenance mode activity can be
monitored using standard rulebases.

Example use case: The administrators need to perform an emergency maintenance operation on a database during
which they do not want the agent to report on database related problems or attempt to restart the database. By placing
the agent or one of its rulebases into maintenance mode for a limited time, the alerts and corrective actions are
suppressed without the need to manually alter the agent’s configuration or stop the agent.

Command Mapper

Command Mapper provides a rich integration facility for scripts and custom executables. Customized microagents can
be rapidly assembled out of a set of mapped scripts which may return either complex or tabular data for processing by
the agent’s standard rules engine. It is also very useful for training, testing, and rapid prototyping of management
interfaces for application instrumentation.

Logfile Plus

Logfile Plus adds multi-line monitoring and pattern frequency monitoring to the agent’s native log file monitoring
capabilities. Detection of some application problems requires correlation across multiple lines of a log file. Other
problems have a log file signature that is identified by the frequency of some error message. Logfile Plus provides these
capabilities with the ability to configure the number of lines over which correlation can occur and per-pattern frequency


A-Repo addresses an issue faced by nearly all large scale Hawk implementations: The problem of rulebase management.
The ease with which one can create, modify, and deploy rulebases with Hawk can also lead to inconsistencies if strict
change control procedures are not followed.

A-Repo effectively serves as a comprehensive monitor of your monitoring configuration. It insures that your agents are
indeed monitoring what you think they should be monitoring; no more and no less. It tracks rulebase versions and
identifies inconsistencies. It can be used interactively or with standard Hawk rulebases to generate alerts when
inconsistencies arise.

Phi Enhanced Console (EC)

EC provides extensions to the standard TIBCO Hawk Console API. It adds several useful features and event types for use
by console applications including:
  • Multi-Domain Access – Monitors multiple Hawk domains from a single application.
  • Reachability – Checks IP connectivity for dead agents eliminating the need for ping probes.
  • Known Agents – Provides both static and dynamic mechanisms for specifying which hosts to track or ignore.
    Supports include/exclude lists and a configurable agent-memory feature.
  • Console-Side Maintenance Mode – Tracks agent-side maintenance mode events and implements console-side
    maintenance mode functionality.

Global Event Logger

Global Event Logger is an EC-based event service that centrally persist all standard and EC events for future reference. It
supports all EC features including:
Multi-Domain Monitoring, Reachability, Known Agents, and Maintenance Mode.
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