Services We Provide

Phi Software offers services which help our customers to fully leverage the value of their existing
investment in TIBCO Hawk software. They include:


We’ll help you quickly architect and execute a deployment strategy tailored to your monitoring objectives, internal IT
guidelines, network topology, and messaging transport preferences. Get it right the first time with the help of best
practices and experience developed through years of performing Hawk implementations.

Custom Training

The people tasked with monitoring are often the ones that can least afford to break away from their daily responsibilities
to attend multi-day training sessions. We provide customized on-site and on the job training for your staff as part of our
implementation services. Working on real-world problems accelerates the learning process while simultaneously
producing usable results.

Rulebase Creation

The Hawk rulebase engine allows you to rapidly implement monitoring logic. Its advanced features provide powerful
capabilities which are often underutilized. We can assist you with creating your rulebases and train your staff in using all
available features with best practices and the most effective monitoring strategies.

Application Instrumentation using AMI or JMX

Hawk excels at application monitoring. While it can perform the traditional process and log file checks very well, it also
has exceptional application instrumentation capabilities that take your ability to monitor critical applications to a new
level. Application instrumentation allows your applications to expose important metrics and operations required for real-
time diagnostics and corrective actions. Our engineers can work one-on-one with your developers to help them
instrument their applications quickly and effectively.

Integration with other monitoring tools

Most organizations use a combination of several tools to address their overall monitoring needs. We can help you setup
and configure the integration options which are available within the TIBCO Hawk product suite to meet your integration

Custom Development

For unique or specialized needs, Hawk’s open interfaces can be used to build extensions or add-ons to address almost
any monitoring or integration requirement. Phi Software has the expertise required to build such extensions for you or to
train and assist your development teams in the use of Hawk’s API’s.

Additional TIBCO Consulting

While Hawk is our specialty, we also provide services related to other TIBCO products including TIBCO Rendezvous and
TIBCO Enterprise Messag Service.
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